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    We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients from all over the world to be able to bring you delicious and nutritious food that truly makes you feel good. Our ranges cover raw desserts, truffles and protein balls as well as our "It's not raw but we like it range" of clean scones and burgers. Everything is sugar free, gluten free and mainly dairy free and raw. We also sell a large variety of superfoods that we use daily, couldn't live without and therefore want to share with you.

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  • Deodorant

    It’s been hectic again so i’ve had to delay this post i’m afraid, but i’m here now to tell you my great recipe for an all natural deodorant. Most shop bought deodorants have nasties in them such as aluminium chlorhydrate, triclosan, parabens and propylene glycol. Let’s have a look at these ingredients one by one…. […]

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  • Everyday is Pancake day!

    God i LOVE pancakes! Seriously, I can eat pancakes everyday i think, ┬ábut on pancake day you have to have them as luxurious as possible! I know pancake day was a while ago but like i said….. Everyday is pancake day in my house! Queue my pancakes with coconut mana, caramalised banana, maple and chocolate […]

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  • Clean Bounty Bars

      I totally forgot about these until a friend mentioned them to me the other day, naturally this weekend i’ve just HAD to make them! I literally can’t get enough of coconut and coconut wrapped in raw chocolate is just even better!! Great when you’re on the go, between meals or after the gym. So […]

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  • Beauty products

      It’s hard isn’t it? You spend all your time eating well, cutting out preservatives, chemicals and all sorts of other nasties from your food and then you go and slap them all over your face, hair and body!?!? Wait, what?!?! Yep, you heard me. Every time you put your moisturiser on, have a wash […]

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  • Don’t get sucked in….

    So we’ve all been there, you’re in a shop looking for something healthy to munch on till you get home. You see something that say’s “RAW”, “ORGANIC” or “PROTEIN BALL” and you’re crying “hurrah” and stuffing it in your face before you’ve paid for it! Ok maybe i’m the only one that does the stuffing […]

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